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School Response Team

At SMMS 366 we have a School Response Team that provides additional support to families. The SRT is composed of 3 members.

  1. LMSW Supervisor- Acts as a team facilitator to monitor referrals and support provided to students
  2. LMSW Social Worker: Along with the supervisor, conducts classroom observations, assesses students and connects to services as needed, performs critical interventions and mediations as they arise in schools.
  3. Family Advocate: Works closely with parents to provide connections to concrete services (housing, SSI, food stamps, insurance, etc.)


The SRT:

  1. Conducts assessment, referrals and support
  2. Provides brief check-ins to assess students’ well-being as needed
  3. Decreases referrals to special education based on behavior
  4. Decreases the need for Emergency Room visits
  5. Connects families to community services
  6. Provides trainings to parents, families and school staff


Students are referred to the SRT if they:

  1. Report suicidal ideations
  2. Report thinking about hurting themselves
  3. Fight with peers
  4. Report being bullied or have a history of bullying other students
  5. Disruptive or defiant behavior in classrooms or on school grounds