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School Counselors

Our School Counselors are Ms. E. Campbell and Mr. E. Barreau. The School Counseling Program provides comprehensive services that promote, and enhance student’s educational learning experiences through the development of skills in the domain of academic, social/emotional and career.

  •  Counselors ensure that students receives the benefit of counseling as needed.
  • Monitor data to facilitate student improvement
  • Provide strategies for closing the academic gap, as we recognize that some students need more
  • Promote a rigorous academic curriculum for every student
  • Ensure equitable access to educational opportunities
  • Foster advocacy for students
  • Support development of skills to increase students success
  • Provide opportunities for students to visit high schools and colleges
  • Expose students to career development, and careers, through our Annual Career Day
  • Collaboration with teacher regarding student’s needs and academic performance
  • Supports partnerships with parents in their children’s learning and career planning
  • Provide support for parents in advocating for their children’s academic, career, and social/emotional development