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Dance Class

Students in eighth grade take dance class as an elective. Our dance units are aligned with the Common Core and all are aligned with the Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in Dance. Through participation in technique classes, students learn theatrical styles, culturally specific dance forms, and social dances, achieving the ability to:
1. exhibit proper muscle use, alignment and posture appropriate to a style.
2. demonstrate strength and flexibility in jumps, deep bends, turns and extensions.
3. coordinate a range of small and large movements specific to a style.
4. demonstrate control and balance in centered and off-centered movements.

5. execute combinations of steps with transitions in varied spatial orientations.

6. move in syncopated rhythms: dotted, polyrhythms, odd meters (e.g., 5/4 time).

7. employ various kinds of partnering techniques.

8. execute movement sequences in a variety of dance forms with accuracy.
Through formal
study of a
range of styles,
techniques and
including their own
social dances,
students  expand
their perception
of dance and
demonstrate a
variety of style
specific skills.

They apply an
understanding of
principles and
structures when
learning, developing,
and performing dances, demonstrate the
ability to self-correct in
response to suggestions, and develop
personal technical goals for
improving dance skills.